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We are the #1 site for Network Unlocking your Mobile device!

Our UnlockAndroid.net staff is experienced, skilled and ready to serve you. Our team has years of knowledge and experience in mobile network unlocking and the telecommunications industry. Our goal is to unlock your device so you can have the freedom to switch carriers and avoid paying outrageous cell phones bills. Unlocking your device is also convenient for traveling with a local sim instead of paying roaming fees. With easy-to-follow instructions and 24 hour support, unlocking your device will be be fast and as simple as 1-2-3!

All we require to unlock your device is the Make, Model, Network and IMEI of your device. Once we’ve processed your order, we will send you your network unlock code with instructions to your email. We recommend trying our unlock code once. If you receive an error, or are having troubles with the unlocking process, do not fear and do not hesitate to contact us. That’s what we’re here for! Our staff will help guide you through the process until your phone is unlocked. In the event that we still cannot get your phone unlocked, we will request a video showing this so we can get you a refund.

Can UnlockAndroid.Net Unlock Your Phone?

– Does your phone prompt for a network unlock code with a foreign sim card?
If the device does not prompt for the code with a non-accepted sim card, then it might not require our services. Please contact us first!

– Is the network you’re looking to use compatible with this device?
If you’re not sure, you can contact the carrier you’re looking to use. They are the best source to tell you if the phone is compatible with their network or not.

– Is your phone currently black listed for being reported lost/stolen or an outstanding balance owing?
If you’re not sure, then check your IMEI with the original carrier. If the phone is black listed for any reason, a network unlock code will not fix this issue. Please contact us first!

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