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Every day, dozens of new apps hit the Google Play store, but for every great app that gets uploaded, there are a hundred not-so-great ones that get uploaded as well. So in order to help you sort through the noise and discover only the best apps out there, we’re created a new regular feature where we’ll discuss the top 5 new apps for Android every month. And to help kick things off in style, we’ve got some great discoveries right here for our February edition.  

Microsoft Office MobileMicrosoft_Office_2013_logo_and_wordmark

A much-anticipated addition to the Google Play store for February 2015 is Microsoft Office Mobile. As the official Office companion for Android, this app includes versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for both your phone and your tablet. This app allows you to access and modify documents on your mobile device, just like you would on your computer. Also, thanks to Microsoft’s new partnership with Dropbox, you can easily store and share your documents via Dropbox as well as other cloud-based platforms such as OneDrive and SharePoint. Of course, everything has been optimized for smaller screen sizes, and you can even create new documents on your mobile device and then share them via your cloud server to your desktop later. The app is also free, so if you do any sort of work on your Android device, there’s no excuse for not downloading this app.

Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords

Logo_Game_of_ThronesOn the other side of the productivity spectrum is another much-anticipated app ­–Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords. The game comes from the same developer that brought us the Walking Dead game. If you haven’t played Game of Thrones for Android yet, the game allows you to take on the role of different characters from the TV show and change the story around you based on the decisions you make. This is the second episode in what will eventually be a six-part series, so stay tuned for more from this developer in the future.  


With all this talk about cloud sharing these days, it can be easy for you (or your documents) to get lost in a maze of different cloud services. But now, with Unclouded, you’ll be able to clear your head and easily sort out your cloud documents. Unclouded integrates all of your documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, and many other cloud services into one friendly interface. With this app, you’ll never again have to ask yourself the question, “Now where did I store that document?”



If you like to keep up with the latest in social media developments, you may have heard of Wire already. Wire is the latest competitor to social apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp. Not only does this new app allow you to video chat with friends via an attractive-looking interface, it also allows you to share music and photos, and boasts excellent audio quality so you never miss a word from any of your friends.

Public Toilet Finder

public toilet finderFile this one under the “why has no one thought of it before” category. Public Toilet Finder does just what the name says it does – it finds the nearest public toilets to your location, and even shows you where to find them on a map and helps you navigate to the nearest one via a Google Maps-style navigation tool. This app is sure to be a hit in Europe, where public facilities are few and far between, and hopefully none of us will ever have to say the words “I just couldn’t find a restroom” again, especially when we’re talking to a police officer.

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