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For some of us, spring looks like it’s just around the corner, while for others, the prospect of May flowers seems like a dream in the far-off future. Whether you’re out getting some sun this March, or spending most of your time indoors, there are some great new Android apps to check out – apps to help you get organized, improve your productivity, or simply provide some entertainment while you wait patiently for that winter snow to melt. Every month, we sort high and low through the latest Android apps and present you with the best new releases for the month. Here are our top 5 picks for March 2015.


Photo Math

Stuck doing math homework this month? Photo math may be the best lifehack ever for math students. With Photo Math, all you have to do to solve an equation is point your phone’s camera at the problem; Photo Math then spits out the answer automatically, and even provides a step-by-step review on how it got to the solution (in case you actually want to know how to solve the problem yourself next time). More than a simple calculator, this app is actually quite advanced: it can solve advanced problems such as linear equations and quadratic equations, and also includes advanced functions like logarithms. The developers are billing this app as “a great tool to learn math,” but come on, we all know you’re going to use it to cheat on your homework!

Active Soccer 2Active Soccer 2

While there are already a variety of soccer game apps available for Android, Active Soccer’s top-view arcade style gameplay is one that feels particularly at home on handheld devices. This sequel provides all the same features as the original Active Soccer, plus tons of new features and bug fixes, which allow for better gameplay and more control over your team and players.

Clean MasterClean Master

Running out of space on your Android device? Is your phone slowing down or overheating when you try to play games? Are you finding that your phone runs out of battery just when you need to use it the most? If so, then Clean Master is here to solve all of your problems. This app’s features include CPU cooling, junk file cleaning, memory boosting, and app management – everything you need to make your Android run faster and more efficiently. Clean Master even includes its own antivirus protection, which will help to clean up any viruses you may have and protect your device from becoming infected in the future.

Pixel Heroes: Byte and MagicPixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

If you were into Role Playing Games (RPGs) in the 90’s, then you’ll love Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic. This game has the retro look and feel nailed perfectly, right down to the pixelated graphics and text-based gameplay. This app will quickly take you out of the modern world and into a strange new world full of crafty enemies, deadly dungeons, and randomized hilarity!

Gallery Doctor

If you’re an Android photographer, then the darkness of winter means one thing: blurry and dark photos taken in poor conditions, and if you’re not careful, it’s easy for your phone’s memory to get taken over by these unwanted shots. Fortunately, there’s now a way to quickly clean these up.

Gallery Doctor

Gallery Doctor automatically identifies dark shots, blurry shots, duplicates, and even boring photos, and makes it easy for you to get rid of them so you can save on memory space and take more pictures. Don’t worry though – this app won’t accidentally delete your favorite photos. Once Gallery Doctor has identified all of the potentially unwanted photos on your device, it gives you the option to swipe left if you want to delete a photo, or swipe right to keep it.

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