As Canada’s largest wireless carrier, Rogers Wireless supplies mobile service to over 9.5 million Canadians. The company is a subsidiary of Rogers Communications, which is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. In 2006, Rogers Wireless became the first Canadian company to launch a 3G HSPA+ network, and in 2011, they became the first providers of LTE network service in Canada. Rogers provides service for mobile devices from a number of manufacturers including Apple, BlackBerry, LG, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and Motorola. These devices are available through Rogers’ own retail stores, as well as through a variety of other Canadian retailers including Future Shop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Loblaw stores.

Many Canadians are frustrated by the limited options presented by the country’s wireless service providers. Fortunately, there is an easy way to expand your options in order to save money and get better service. By unlocking your Rogers device, you can use it with any other service provider of your choice, Canadian or otherwise. This way, you’ll be able to choose a new phone plan that works better for your needs, and you’ll even be able to save money when traveling by using your phone with a foreign SIM card.

At, we unlock 99% of all Rogers devices including iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices. We offer the lowest market prices on Rogers phone unlocking, and in most cases, we can deliver your 100% guaranteed unlocking code on the same day that you place your order.

UnlockAndroid.Net has network unlocked thousands of Rogers devices. We unlock 99% of the devices Rogers carries including iPhone and Blackberry phones. We can unlock most models on the same day your order is placed. We also offer the lowest price on the market today to network unlock your Rogers mobile phone. Unlocking your Rogers phone is great for buying a local sim card when travelling, changing network providers, or if you want to sell your device as an “unlocked phone” as its value increases.

To find out more about Rogers phone unlocking, read through the FAQ section below.

How do we Unlock your Rogers Phone?

1. For all devices we require the IMEI number. Simply go to the dial screen and dial *#06#
2. Use the first 15 digits of your IMEI number to place your order below.
3. Once your IMEI number is processed, an Unlock Code is generated for your Rogers device. We will email this to you with detailed instructions.
4. Input the unlock code, and your Rogers device is permanently unlocked! This will apply even after updating the firmware for your phone.

How do we unlock your Rogers iPhone?

1. For all devices we require the IMEI number. Simply go to the dial screen and dial *#06#
2. Use the first 15 digits of your IMEI number to place your order below.
3. Once your IMEI number is processed, a remote factory unlock is generated for your Rogers iPhone. We will email this to you with detailed instructions.
4. Insert an active non-Rogers sim card from a compatible carrier and connect the device to the latest version of iTunes. Your iPhone is now unlocked!

We have technicians on standby to help walk you through the unlocking process if you have any questions.

How much will it cost to Unlock my Rogers phone and how long?

The pricing and average turnaround will depend on each make and model of the device. Please keep in mind not all models are supported. Please check below to find out which models are supported. If it is not listed, or you are not sure, please feel free to contact us first before placing your order.

What Guarantee do I have that this will actually work? has been in the unlocking industry for several years and have specialized technicians who know what they are doing when it comes to phone unlocking. All codes are 100% genuine and we guarantee to unlock your device or your money back. However please keep in mind there are certain conditions. The correct information when placing your order MUST be provided. If an incorrect IMEI number is provided and a code is generated, we cannot refund it in that case. Additionally, a simple “it doesn’t work i want a refund” is not suffice for a refund. You must try to work with our technicians to trouble shoot the unlocking process, and in the last case scenario we may request a quick video of you trying to unlock the device, which is a requirement from our suppliers for a refund. Our ultimate goal is to unlock your device.

Are there any requirements before placing my order?

Absolutely! Please remember, not all devices can be unlocked. Please read below before placing your order:

1. Please keep in mind not all carriers will support unlocked devices. This is up to you, the user of the phone, to find out before placing your order. Guarantees to unlock your device; you will need to verify with the carrier you wish to use it on if they support unlocked phones on their network beforehand.
2. Some phones have a limited amount of attempts before it becomes “hardlocked”. When a device is hardlocked, you are no longer able to input the unlock code and unlock the device. Please follow the unlocking instructions first to see if your device has enough attempts.
3. If your phone is blacklisted, or reported stolen, it may not work with any networks. If you have an unpaid bill and unlock your device, it may not work on certain networks as they may have an agreement. will not be liable if your phone is blacklisted.
4. Please follow the instructions below and make sure you get a prompt to enter the unlock code first. We ask you to do this, because sometimes your device may already be unlocked. If your phone is specifically asking for a network unlock code, then you are ready to unlock it.

Our Top Unlocked Rogers Phones

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I’m Ready to Unlock my Rogers phone, how do I proceed?

Please carefully fill out the order form below and make sure the information is as accurate as possible to your knowledge.

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